New graffiti on constantly changing 24th and Bryant mural claims mural is ‘not down with La Raza’

First it was Occu∏, then it was a tubular rainbow guy, then Occu∏ went over the rainbow guy, then it became a new tubular guy with rainbow pants, and now this.

29 Responses to “New graffiti on constantly changing 24th and Bryant mural claims mural is ‘not down with La Raza’”

  1. suckerpunch says:

    Perfect… let the changes keep coming!
    When it’s no ones wall, it’s everyone’s wall!

  2. cholo toyz says:

    Taggers need to get a life. Do a real piece, you pussies!

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:


    • Leon Heskett says:

      Piecing is for boring old stoner cholo “hip-hop was better back in the 80′s” headz. Dumbasses like Dr dumbass vegetable don’t get it either.

      • Peon Heskett says:

        Ohhhhh, you must be so OG to forget that it takes skill to do anything beyond what a dog does to a fire hydrant. Hip hop is from NYC, dip shit. No comprende, puta?

  3. SFKix says:

    This will make a great TeleNovela!

  4. moderniste says:

    All u rich kid hipsters with ur weak-ass street art need 2 go back 2 the Marina and make way 4 the real taggers.

    There. I said it first! But there’s still plenty of room for commentary about the “La Raza” angle.

    • retardiste says:

      Uh, quality murals aren’t “weak-ass street art”… Murals aren’t indigenous to the “Marina” either. There are no “real taggers”, you tool. You only have the right to tag if you can do a quality piece. It’s almost the same for people who get neck/hand tattoos without body work: You have to earn it, bitch. Either way, if you’re going over someone else’s work: YOU CAN ONLY DO SO IF YOU CAN DO BETTER. Otherwise, you’re just a toy.

  5. edumucashun says:

    I really hope so…

  6. X says:

    Why don’t you assholes contribute your obviously gargantuan intellects to something that ACTUALLY FUCKING MATTERS

  7. X says:

    Yes, moron, like I am doing.
    You don’t know me or what I do with my time.
    Fuck you and everything you do.

    • suckerpunch says:

      Well I know one thing you do (besides mis-posting) is make the sort of assumptions that you are SCREAMING about in others.


  8. whoa says:

    I don’t know . . . I’m digging this poop-with-legs street art. The tagging, however, obscures its natural beauty.

  9. angeldust memories says:

    That’s Ribity’s spot, remember?

  10. Julius Zsako says:

    How disrespectful! Graffiti vandalism is a growiung problem, one that requires a stronger community effort to control.

  11. Michael Andersen-Andrade says:

    Crap on your own art work, effing taggers! Or crap on Bank of America! But leave the community art alone!

  12. Tggers are Sexy says:

    Murals are not.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Your definition of “sexy” is as broken as your spelling of “taggers”

  13. mamiel says:

    street art and murals > tagging

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Well, Duh.

    • Dick Jams says:

      Hardly. Tagging is “street art” but “street art” is not tagging. A mural—which this is—is entirely different.

      It’s sort of annoying that no one can keep a piece on that wall, because some children that think they live in Style Wars are running around and claiming shit to be their territory.

      P.S. At least it’s not scratched into a window, carved into the sidewalk or painted on someone’s house.