“Game on!”

Last night, in the middle of Pride Weekend, a sizable crowd of proud partygoers danced to music thumping out the window of an 18th Street apartment, blocking the street for cars between Guerrero and Linda. Things seemed mostly joyful, but at one point an SFFD truck came rolling up with bright lights shining onto the street party. The music abruptly cut off, the crowd moaned a loud “Awww!” and with perfect timing the fireman leaned out of the window and exclaimed, “I’m not breaking it up! Just driving through!” The crowd parted in the middle. He rode through and called back “Game on!” The music kicked back in and the crowd cheered.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, everyone.

8 Responses to ““Game on!””

  1. wizzer says:

    And how many of those drunken hipsters pissed in someones door way or steps? females included.

    I saw a lot of that.

  2. Swanky says:

    It didn’t happen unless its was captured on video. This is the internetz. Show us the video!

  3. suburbanite says:

    This guy does this every year – one of my favorite “SF moments.”

  4. Larissa says:

    I cant believe I missed this…

  5. gp says:

    best party of the year, hands down.

  6. shipwrecked says:

    Definitely a quintessential San Francisco moment. It’s not pride until you see the sex show on top of the bus shelter and spot the sign that says “i came out of a vagina.”

  7. DavidLieb says:

    I was there and it was AMAZING! One tip people: When you’re the last street party in the whole Castro, and cops roll up, get off the street! They’ll cruise through, confident that they broke up the party. When they’re gone, party on!

    Too many people thought it would be good rebel fun to block the cops. Then they show up in riot gear and break it up.

  8. tordiodrow says:

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