Self Edge celebrates six years on Valencia Street with a remodel and grand-reopening party this Saturday night

Today it’s condos and valet parking. A few years back, the big controversy on Valencia Street was American Apparel trying to move in. There were protests and death threats and Sarah Palin-style hyperbole and official corporate statements and a hearing downtown and Sasha Grey’s pussy and we all had a lot of laughs.

Amidst all this, I became acquainted with Kiya Babzani, one of the owners of Self Edge. He told me about some of the bellyaching and violence he’d faced when he first opened his denim shop on Valencia near 18th, and I ended up publishing a big feature about him and the store — which I think still stands as probably the longest thing I’ve ever written for this blog. Here’s how it starts:

When Self Edge took over the old Leather Tongue Video space a few years back, I thought to myself, “Oh great, some high-end Marina douche boutique has displaced a beloved Mission landmark.” Over beers the other night, Kiya Babzani, owner-operator of the place, informed me that apparently this was a pretty common misconception in the early days, as Self Edge was repeatedly vandalized and he and his employees were shouted at, muttered at and spat at.

Mind you I’d never patronized Leather Tongue, because who the fuck has even seen a VCR in the last 12 years? But it looked pretty punk rock and I guess I liked knowing it was there.

We go on to talk about his denim obsession and a then-forthcoming jean collaboration he was really excited about. (That jean ended up being the first thing I ever bought from Self Edge, and in the above image you can see how awesomely they age.)

Anyway, American Apparel never made it in, but Valencia has changed a lot nonetheless. Self Edge is still there, still going strong, and they just completed a big remodel to coincide with their sixth year in business, and this Saturday night there’s a big party (and sale) to celebrate. Here’s what to expect:

We are once again open for business in San Francisco and have updated our store with two dressing rooms, fancy lighting downstairs, a new paint color scheme, more natural light coming in from the front, a new online shipping fulfillment room behind the store, a wild looking new rack system downstairs, and more.

To celebrate all these improvements and the fact that we just signed another six year lease on our original space we’re having a “6 Year Itch” Anniversary Party on September 1st at Self Edge San Francisco along with a 12% off sale at all three Self Edge stores and our online store.

The Self Edge San Francisco Anniversary Party will be from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday night, September 1st.  Come enjoy some beers, music, and general rowdiness courtesy of our unruly clientele and local retailer friends.

Read on for more info on the party and the sale (including online options).

UPDATE: Bonus pics of my jeans here.

14 Responses to “Self Edge celebrates six years on Valencia Street with a remodel and grand-reopening party this Saturday night”

  1. Eff ur A says:

    fucking rude ass store full of pompous windbags

  2. Rajeev says:

    They are a bit pompous. I’ve gone in to check out the wares (granted I haven’t bought a pair of jeans for more than a $100 in about seven years, but I’m no fashion slouch either) or ask about the motorcycle in the window (I’m a bike fan and rider) and they couldn’t be more blah about talking about anything. However, Leather Tongue was hardly better. Ha if anything he was the surliest proprietor aside from Al of Al’s Comics (now on Market, formerly 17th and Guerrero). But still a good product at Self-Edge and it is cool that they are doing their passion. Congrats, guys! I fought to keep American Apparel out (respectable ways, going to city hall, petitions), so my neighborhood could have pompous jerks not chain store jerks, bringing in more of the same. The meeting at city hall was interesting. They American Apparel Valencia employees where literally sad and baffled. However, corporate also hired a few “cool” looking people to promote the business, one of whom broke down and spilled the shenanigans. Or maybe he was a drug addled narcissistic. Maybe both. He was from LA. It seems to be a class of people there.

    • trapgina says:

      yo dog, you too poor to be kicking it. if i was you and im not because im a winner i would kick rocks and take your poor ass on over to oakland.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Al’s Comics is closed, sadly. I loved that place.

  3. the guy says:

    Those jeans don’t look very effective.

  4. Curious says:

    Did those jeans really get that busted in just two years? I have cheapo jeans I’ve had for over 6 years before I rip them. I’m a girl though and font wear them everyday but still dude, how much did those things cost?

    • kiya says:

      You’d be blown away how fast you’d go through a pair of jeans if you wore the same pair every single day, all day and night.

      • Jam says:

        I’ve been wearing the same three pairs of levi’s for the better part of five years now. I bought them used too. I wear them to work, on my bike, at night. They have a few small holes but they look better than those jeans. I paid about $20 per pair. I guess I saved about $900 compared to your jeans.

        • Jam says:

          Also, I thought the message was “you will be blown away by how well these jeans will last after two years, thus justifying the price”?

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Yeah. I wear my cheapo levi’s every day all day, and there’s some wear, but no wholesale disintegration like that. *shrug*

    • Allan Hough says:

      I spend a LOT of time in mosh pits.