SF Comedy and Burrito Festival coming soon to the Mission

SF Comedy & Burrito Festival??? Comedy and burritos?? Makes sense kind of, I guess. But we asked festival co-founder Ameen Belbahri to explain for real:

As a San Francisco native and burrito aficionado I had always wondered why there were no events celebrating what I think is our greatest culinary contribution. I had thrown around the idea of having such a festival, but it just seemed too difficult logistically. At the time I was working at a comedy club part-time and was trying to figure out how to make a career out of it. Someone suggested I put together a comedy festival and somehow the two ideas merged in my brain. I told friends about it, usually under the guise of a “silly idea I had” until eventually their enthusiasm for the project convinced me that it was viable. [Co-founder] Jeff [Cleary] had also been tinkering with the idea of a comedy festival so we joined forces and thus the festival was born.

Hurray! And get this: early-bird tickets are available at early-bird prices for just another couple days, so best get on it! (They come with burrito vouchers, and after this week they go from $55 to $75. Events take place at various venues around the neighborhood.)

4 Responses to “SF Comedy and Burrito Festival coming soon to the Mission”

  1. Brock Keeling says:

    This is a great bookend to my annual Bergman & Sushi Festival.

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