Lone palm on lockdown


Is this really what it takes to keep neighborhood miscreants from making off with your potted palm tree? Aren’t those things already kind of heavy enough? To be fair, I suppose that anything that’s not locked down in the Mission can be interpreted as up for grabs!

8 Responses to “Lone palm on lockdown”

  1. marcos says:

    civil disobedience plant!

  2. scum says:

    Let my treeple go.

  3. Jeff says:

    Problem is – they’ll just show up with a trash bag & uproot the plant before taking off. They are really only locking up the planter! You need to implant an ID chip like a dog…

  4. fakejoebiden says:

    Oh man. The title led me to believe that I wouldn’t be able to drink at a dive bar with white table cloths. Phew.

  5. Safty says:

    I think the rule is if you want some thing stolen, you put a lock on it and turn your back. This is an experiment.

  6. Sullivan6 says:

    You don’t know shit about a fireplace and are everything that’s wrong with the Mission!

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