A very Aussie Halloween party

From the official invite:

This Halloween, the Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee takes a trip to the Australian Outback, and we’re all invited!

Aussie-rules Berlin-style ping pong will be happening in the back, and a very special real-life Aussie guest bartender will be slinging the drinks she and Nicole Kidman grew up on back home in Queensland. (They’re weird but good.) Drink specials, Aussie bands on the juke box, candy, Aussie snacks, prizes for costumes. Marsupials. Free!

Tonight! RSVP and invite your fiends!

One Response to “A very Aussie Halloween party”

  1. James says:

    I just spent my first Halloween in Australia. The neighborhood paper did an on-the-street interview. Five out of five people said they didn’t really celebrate it – “too American.” Several said “too commercial.” But for twenty-somethings looking for any excuse to party – it’s catching on as an excuse. And there are little parties for little kids springing up here and there – again, excuse to dress in a costume. So just like McDonalds, it is seeping in. Hey – out in the burbs, there are even a few Outback Steak Houses (yes, the American chain).