CONTEST: Hard French season finale and afterparty with Midnight Magic

Now that daylight savings is about to kick in and the sun in starting to set on our glorious Indian summer, that also means that the best daytime party in the Mission will be bidding farewell for the season, but not before one last blowout bash!  It’s all going down this Saturday, Nov 3, with festivities starting as they normally would on the El Rio patio before transitioning to Public Works at 10pm for a glorious afterparty featuring our pals Midnight Magic all the way from the clutches of Sandy in NYC.  And don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes, because these folks will MAKE YOU DANCE!

And the best part is that we’re offering two (2) free tickets to whomever can submit the best photo or story in the comments that embodies just how rad Hard French really is.  Or just post your rad Halloween costumes!  The contest ends promptly at 6pm on Thursday (tomorrow), so you better get cracking!  Also, don’t forget to check out all the details as well as RSVP and invite your friends here.

Oh, and did I mention that these folks will make you dance:

8 Responses to “CONTEST: Hard French season finale and afterparty with Midnight Magic”

  1. Luscious Passionberry says:

    I’ll admit I’ve never been to Hard French, but I do love free tickets!

    Someone better beat this…

    • cponder says:

      Matachine(short bus djs), cute young femme has a dejected look on her face.”what’s wrong?” I ask.
      “That hot butch doesn’t like me, and I want her so bad.” She replied.
      “What? Did you tell her you thought she was hot?” Me
      “Yeah I said I wanted to bone herand she just turned around and walked away.”"hmm.”
      I wanted to tell her butches are people too, and that no one enjoys being treated like a piece of meat.
      Instead I shrugged and said ” you win some you lose some.”

  2. BoomBoomBaby says:

    I went to Hard French after being in the city for 2 weeks having moved from a tiny island in the Caribbean with ~70,00 people total. It was one of the funnest and most culture shocking experiences. I ended up meeting 3 of my current best friends and roommates at the party, and we’ve been loyal patrons ever since!

  3. Luscious Passionberry says:

    Alright since the game has been elevated, I’ll submit a real entry.

    A HF veteran who has been in my ear about getting down there for awhile now told me that there’s this one queer dude who is the hottest thing since sliced bread down there. My friend told me I should definitely hit that because, “He has a vagina.”

  4. Ryan Crowder says:

    Hard French is a pretty rad party. For a city that has hard time mushing together different groups of people, the Hard Frenchies do it right. Its quite important and I would like to share a series of photos to ILLUSTRATE my point.
    Everybody all up in there – boys, bears, dykes, bebes, seagulls and drag queens….Um do FB image links even work?

  5. Mainstay says:

    Gays and lesbians that drink too much and move about like Colonial Africa in the 1970′s- sounds GREAT

  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone! The winner has been selected and notified, and we hope to see you all out there too!