How to repair a felled gas pump overhang

Two full weeks after it toppled, and they finally got around to propping it back up. First, they lift it off the ground with a bigass crane:

Then they weld some shit back together:


4 Responses to “How to repair a felled gas pump overhang”

  1. Erik says:

    How long will it take that tree to block the drains with crud so it fills with water and topples over again?

  2. July says:

    It took 2 weeks for the insurance guys to get there and take pictures. They were there on Friday, January 4th.

  3. und1sk0 says:

    yah saw that the other day. needless to say i’ll still be giving that “structure” a wide berth when stumbling between getting smokes and “the uncomfortably long name for a bar that everyone calls sadies anyway”.

    hopefully poor nina g. will rest easier now that the thing is not on the ground anymore. or not.

  4. Erection Service says:

    You called?