Thief trapped on a roof near Florida and 26th

Our pal Todd from Bernalwood sent us a tip about a situation that didn’t exactly turn out as planned for an aspiring ninja:

Getting reports from a friend who lives there. Thief jumped a fence, then took a stand on a roof on Alabama St, threatening to jump. Police scanner says two hostage negotiators were on the scene. He was just taken into custody.

Reports that the two negotiators were in fact Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey remain unconfirmed.

UPDATE from Lysol Tony on our FB page:

I live at 25th and Florida, a man snuck into my house to hide from the cops. My roommate came home, opened the door to her room and the dude said “don’t scream!” She screamed, roommates ran out of the house, I followed because the cops were yelling at us to get out. 2 hours later he’s still on a roof on Alabama.

3 Responses to “Thief trapped on a roof near Florida and 26th”

  1. lurkskatesf. says:

    last night? there were at least 3 streets blocked by cop cars on 26th, was wondering what happened.

  2. Eli says:

    Yeah, I was in the area as this was wrapping up. The summary of events you got from Todd is the same thing that some onlookers at the scene told me.

    There were at least 5 police cars on scene (including 1 undercover) as well as a ladder truck from the fire department that they were using to get up and down from the roof.

    PD had the block of Alabama between 25th and 26th completely blocked off. Some poor lady who had gone out to walk her dogs was apparently stuck waiting in the cold for more than half an hour.

  3. Alabama St. says:

    Apparently he robbed about 11 people before getting caught. Dumbass thief.