Are exploding recycling bins the next “thing”?

MM reader Tom M. wonders if it might be:

On my walk home tonight I noticed what seemed at first to be a large pile of trash on the corner of Harrison and 17th. No big deal. However, upon further inspection, it was apparent that, yes, someone blew up a recycling bin.

At least it wasn’t a compost bin.  Or, god forbid, a porta-potty!

8 Responses to “Are exploding recycling bins the next “thing”?”

  1. tack says:

    Recycle bin is more worrisome than compost or porta-potty to me. Glass, aluminum, steel cans. That’s a lot of frags to worry about.

    I can wash the poo off of me. I may need to do it 30 times and rock around in the fetal position in a while to feel ‘clean’. But I can’t wash an arm back onto me.

  2. b says:

    Explosion? Someone probably threw a cigarette in there and started a weird trash fire.

  3. rectilinear says:

    b’s probably right, those cans are flammable for sure. I put a fire out in a neighbor’s trash a few years back and the cans were melting similarly to that.

  4. Sammy T says:

    How Banal.

  5. TinyTim says:

    The North Koreans are getting closer. This is just a warning. Soon, they’ll be launching these explosive bins into space and there will really be lots of space junk.

  6. tk says:

    Nah, that’s my can. I rigged it to explode if anyone reaches inside to scare off recycling poachers. Worked!

  7. Topian says:

    I love public art when it’s this good

  8. Greg says:

    There are people in Malibu that will pay good money for that.