Reserved for the mutilated and invalid


According to an ancient Milanese streetcar. What a difference a century makes.

I wonder how we’ll feel when we look back on this Prop 8 business a hundred years from now.

(Thanks Heather for the translation!)

11 Responses to “Reserved for the mutilated and invalid”

  1. Putanesca says:

    Call it like it, no? You had to have a Heather translate that? Too bad you didn’t have Latin in HS.

  2. Spartico says:

    The actual transalation reads as follows- Space(seats in this case) are reserved for the sick and handicapped. “Mutilati” during this period was used as a specific for veterans who had lost limbs during previous wars. “Invalidi” is plural (Invalids in english) which also includes the elderly.

    • LibertyHiller says:

      And there were a lot of veterans missing limbs in Milan in the 1920s, I would imagine. Turns out that, as messy as Flanders fields were, at least the mud absorbed some of the shrapnel. On the Isonzo, that stuff just ricocheted everywhere.

  3. TinyTim says:

    Thanks for the poor attempt at a literal translation which fails. (Sounds like Adam Sandler) How about translating for us: “Look up from your mobile device
    and let the disabled or seniors sit down.”

    • EXCEPT that there were no seniors onboard because we were having a MOTHA-FUCKING PARTAY on the streetcar, so perhaps you should GO BACK TO YOUR HOME. and stop looking at me, swan.

  4. bellpeppernostrils says: