Undesirable room with drumset, cat, loud couple and sink full of dishes.

Hey, at least they’re being honest! The worst is when someone writes a gleaming account of their domicile, and everything looks good when you check it out, but then you find out about their midnight trombone rehearsals a week into living there.

And now that I think of it, I bike by this apartment every night on my way home from work, and I’ve definitely heard a band practicing, so story checks out.


(Thanks Charlie!)

6 Responses to “Undesirable room with drumset, cat, loud couple and sink full of dishes.”

  1. J-Train says:

    Sounds like I need to prep my advertising copywriter story and schmooz my way in to this place.

  2. ALWAYS HIGH says:


  3. biglippedkneegrow says:

    This sounds like a nice fit for me

  4. Treat says:

    Wait! This sounds like our place. I better talk to the husband.

  5. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    i bought it too late. i affirm im not a spammer. affirm

  6. James says:

    Forget rent control – prospective tenants should be allowed to stay in a place for a week before committing.