Community meeting to discuss Mercado Plaza tonight!

We’re always super excited by the prospect of closing street access to cars in favor of pedestrian thoroughfares to help promote community engagement, and the proposed Mercado Plaza on Bartlett between 22nd and 21st Streets is no exception.  On that note, the Mission Community Market is hosting a meeting tonight in the Women’s Building at 6pm for you to tell them what you think about it:

Thanks to YOUR support, we secured funds for the Mercado Plaza project. Now let’s see what the future could look like at an open house hosted by the San Francisco Planning Department, Department of Public Works, MTA.

Improvements could include new pavement, safer sidewalks, market stalls, better lighting, street graphics, a marquee, and more. But it all depends on your input! Please come and tell us what you think!

Mercado Plaza Open House
Wednesday, May 29 6:00-7:30 PM
The Women’s Building, ROOM A3543 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Check out all the details here.

UPDATE!!! Apparently I was mistaken and the proposal actually isn’t to close the street to car traffic permanently, but rather to make it a better public space; safer, cleaner, and with a better street/sidewalk.  So, to reiterate, the plan is NOT to eliminate all parking and all car traffic, but it’s still gonna be rad!

6 Responses to “Community meeting to discuss Mercado Plaza tonight!”

  1. Teotwawki Jones says:

    You girls need to stop pulling up your skirts prematurely.

  2. Miguel Andrade says:

    No cars!

  3. Matt says:

    Well that’s too bad. Closing streets to cars permanently is usually a good thing.

    • V8Power says:

      Bikes obeying the rules of the road would be a better thing

      • ABW says:

        Yeah, you know what else would be great? Cars obeying the rules of the road. Or pedestrians. Or if everyone could dispense with all other means of transportations and ride unicorns down fucking rainbows to work everyday.

        Seriously, I’m tired of the “bikes don’t obey the law” idea. SO FUCKING WHAT? Lots of laws get broken every day by bikes, cars, trucks, pedestrians, skateboarders and anyone else who goes anywhere to do anything. It has NO useful policy implications – are you saying we should stop building bike lanes because some bikers break the law? Should we stop building roads because of drunk drivers? Maybe we should dispense with sidewalks to show those fucking jaywalkers what’s up.

        Take your irrational dislike for bikes and go away.

  4. Bill says:

    * Who is funding this? …

    * Why is this project going in simultaneously with a 110 unit market value condo unit and a movie theater on the same block?

    * Sure cars suck, but why take 48 parking spots down to 13 spaces, without creating more spaces for the public to park? for the people who live up and down bartlett street it will make parking far worse.

    * What is the environmental impact of this project in conjunction with the condo development?

    * This project will make parking more scarce while simultaneously increase the demand.

    * On possible solution is to make condo developer to create more accessible public parking. From my research no pubic parking is being made available by this development.


    close the entire street and route all condo residents towards mission street.