Sad Pot Bear

Imagine my surprise to see a dude dressed as a bear trying (and failing) to get into the Bernal Heights La Lengua Dispensary.

I love the look on the last frame.



One of those days where you get to play “Is it Halloween or just San Francisco?”

Sadly I missed two epic moments — one of him as the door was opened, with his arms spread wide, and another with his head slung low after the door was closed.

A still shot for posterity. God speed, pot bear.


8 Responses to “Sad Pot Bear”

  1. Rhiannon Charisse says:

    Last Thursday or Friday night I saw that guy walking down Mission (sighted at 26th, but I saw him at 20th-19th) and when kids would smile or point him out to their parents, he’d say “hey, kid, you wanna take a picture with me?” and the kids would, justifiably, get freaked out and hide behind mom.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    Sobriety is unbearable.

  3. one says:

    I miss the Red Man and the White Lady.

  4. Real City Girl says:

    Forget the bear!
    Only transplants call Burn/Miss/Noe
    La Leangua – disgusting

  5. Real City Girl says:

    … Good one mrericsir