PIN jackers jacked $900 at local ATM

Kristin W. wrote in via our Facebook page:

Just a public service announcement. Someone stole $900 out of my Bank of America account yesterday from the 16th and Mission ATM. Apparently, I hadn’t completely signed out of my account (even though it said “Thank you for using this ATM” or whatever) and someone got into my account by re-entering my PIN # (which he/she must have watched me enter). I wouldn’t be surprised if someone sits there all day and does this repeatedly. Heads up to be extra furtive when entering your PIN and to make sure your transaction is finished before walking away!

[File photo via "Guerilla activists hack Bank of America ATMs all over SF"]

18 Responses to “PIN jackers jacked $900 at local ATM”

  1. Lara says:

    I got nailed at that same machine back in March. When I filed a police report the cop said “let me guess, the BoA at 16th and Mission”. It happens all the time there

  2. Rudy says:

    Boy was I bummed when I saw missionmission was down after I’d been working on buildings all day. Just wanted some up to date Mission news….

  3. kiya says:

    $900? My bank’s max daily limit is $300 and even if you try and raise it they won’t let you raise it past $600.

  4. MrEricSir says:

    Yikes. Guess that explains why these ATMs “close” at night.

  5. scum says:

    That really sucks. It’s called Shoulder Surfing and has been all over the news lately. Hells Fargo machines spit out your card before the money so that doesn’t happen.

    • Smarm says:

      So does bofa. It doesn’t happen because the card is in and in fact it makes you reenter your pin # (even though your card is with you physically). As it clearly states above, the person saw the pin # and reentered it.

  6. LaurelSadler says:

    Same thing happened to me a couple of months back. BEWARE!

  7. SFEvl1 says:

    Hmm let me guess, you were probably on your phone not paying attention. Hahahaha! Funny hipsters.

  8. Shenanigans says:

    I use that ATM all the time. It and all BofA ATMs have a $400 per day limit on cash withdraws.


    • troll says:

      Naw, you are referencing default settings. You can actually request up to $1,000 (providing you have the account funds). The person alerting ungrateful know-it-alls like yourself probably withdrew $100, and got robbed of the max limit by the thief.

      Now please dismount your horse.

  9. Popcorn says:

    Haha happened to me twice at 16th and mission I’ve seen lady waiting right behind us then cut line to try to take money from the person just left ATM unfortuanally she was too high to remember that PIN number lol but I’ve also seen the guy stole money exactly what she does there are people waiting for us to forget to press NO IM DONE bottom. Worst location is 16th and mission b of a ATM if you go to one on market and Powell b of a ATM they had so many theft at that ATM now they have cover around PIN number area. It will be soon all over ATM wil be the same. Very easy target fir everyone be very carful DONT FORGET TO PRESS I’m finish bottom!!!!!

  10. Kristin says:

    Original poster here. I didn’t know you could take $900 in one go either, but apparently you can! It was $100 and then $400 out of my checkings account and $400 out of my connected savings account. Thankfully, BofA was good about refunding me but I don’t wish 45 minutes waiting for BofA customer service on anyone!

    Sad to hear that its happened to others, but not surprised…Oh, 16th and Mission. Sigh.

  11. noche says:

    Answer one: informative.
    Answer three: wait,what? They do that?

  12. plimeer says:

    Sorry to hear, but there is no way someone can do anything with your PIN, once you have logged out.

    Truth is you forgot to log out and some junky completed your transaction for you.

    Maybe a repost with the heading:

    “I AM A MORON and put the burden on B of A”

  13. sfthen says:

    What greedy thugs out there nowdays–twenty years ago they would have just slammed a baseball bat into her head, taken whatever money she’d withdrawn and been happy with that amount.