$18.50 toast

Our pal Jess is on a mission. I thought I was doing pretty good with the $8 toast I found in LA. But Jess found some $9.50 toast. (She’s in Australia.) And now this:

To be fair, I added the haloumi which was $4, so technically it was $14.50.

To be fair, $18.50 AUS is $17.23 US. Looks like great toast! Thanks, Jess!

5 Responses to “$18.50 toast”

  1. Some Jerk says:

    The $4 toast people must be so pissed.

  2. scum says:

    I remember the good old days (pre 1990) when I could get properly toasted for $20.

  3. Oyster boy says:

    Do they have haloumi in SF? My wife started feeding it to me here in Sydney. I don’t think I ever had haloumi in the States.

    • troll says:

      Of course we do

      • Oyster boy says:

        I guess we’re making a political statement calling it haloumi. Don’t tell the Turks.

        “Halloumi, known as hellim in Turkish (use the Turkish name as some Turkish Cypriots may be offended from the use of the Greek name due to trademark disputes), is an important feature of the Cypriot cuisine.”