La Taqueria Rapture

Last night around 10:00. Seriously creepy, not a single person inside.

I guess the Burrito Bracket was a scam and Nate Silver is running a cult or something.

Guess we should have paid more attention to this FEMA disaster preparedness video. Or that SFgov earthquake preparedness site from 2008. Or the final Burritoeater review.


7 Responses to “La Taqueria Rapture”

  1. GIL says:

    This could be because they close at 9.

  2. stevethenameisSTEVE says:

    Anyone who knows SF taquerias already knew: you don’t go to La Taqueria for burritos, you go there for tacos.

    The burritos aren’t B-A-D but if you want the best, there are several places within a few blocks you’d be better off going to (depending on your personal preference).

    I laughed when I saw those lines for the burritos at La Taqueria.

    • Valenchia says:

      I used to only go for the tacos (which are excellent) but decided to do the carnitas burrito there a couple of months ago — Excellent! I will go back once the crowds die down.

  3. TK says:

    As someone who knows San Francisco taquerias, I only go to La Taqueria for the burritos and have been doing so since the 70′s.
    I loved seeing the long lines – that means a local business is prospering – and doing so by making the best burritos in the city.

  4. Terrance D says:

    Who in their right mind goes out for a burrito at 10pm? 2-3am…possibly

  5. Jlsf says:

    Or, people realized that the best burrito is… Well, not there! (I will not state my fave for fear of temporarily ridiculously long lines.)