Here’s a photo of Jared Leto hanging out in the Mission today

[Photo by Bryn Newman, via Eater SF]

16 Responses to “Here’s a photo of Jared Leto hanging out in the Mission today”

  1. papa boner says:

    Who’s the chick with the beard?

  2. nein says:

    being white is dope

    • Pacific Standard Simon says:

      Kinda sucks, actually. ‘Cause pretty much everybody (aside from a handful of the people who look like you) hates you (and then you hate the people who like you for looking like them).

      But then you learn to live with it by only hiring, and renting to, people who look like you.


  3. wurple says:

    Gross. Fucking hipsters.

  4. laboof says:

    it looks like his cousin after recent dental work.

  5. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    BTW, I had to use Google to even find out who Jared Leto is (was?). Still, mountains of comedy gold in this post! Thank you, thank you, Missionmission commenters! We LOVE you!

  6. What’s wrong with the left side of his face? What’s he got hamstered away in there? I call Bubby Gram on this gold bricker.