‘Mission, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down’

39 Responses to “‘Mission, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down’”

  1. Nick Pal says:

    Oh no.

  2. ass says:

    Oh look, a Google bus. Let’s fan the flames of misdirected hatred further!

    • not misdirected says:

      No, not misdirected at all. The Googlebus (and the ilk) are prime players in the problem, as they make it easy for those who would otherwise live in the South Bay to commute to and from the Mission in luxury, essentially turning a one time working class neighborhood into a colony of Google McGlass’ (when he’s not busy curing death for the rich)

      • So annoyed at this... says:

        Oh my god! Life, work, money, success, culture, people, etc… aren’t the same as they used to be. Oh my, I can’t believe it!!! THERE IS A NEW WORKING CLASS AND THEY MAKE MORE MONEY THAN PREVIOUS GENRATIONS, BUT IN MANY WAYS HAVE LESS!!!

        I have lived in the Mission for 7 years, and am extremely happy about the changes.

        • ofcourse says:

          Laughable to try to portray individuals making six figures as “working class.” Shows how far some people are willing to go to delude themselves. We know you feel guilty for being part of the problem and no attempt to reframe yourself and your friends is going to fix that feeling.

          • So annoyed at this... says:

            People making six figures can’t afford to live in SF. Not sure how that is delusional.

          • ass says:

            Srsly go fuck yourself. I’ve lived and worked in SF for over fifteen years. I have as much of a right to be here as any other asshole, despite my $200K+ salary (which, for your fucking information, was <$30K when I moved here). This anti-gentrification crap is simple jealously couched in moral outrage. At least artists in NYC understand that people earning 6 figures are necessary in that gallerists need customers.

          • Truth says:

            I don’t associate myself with people who work ‘jobs’.

          • ofcourse says:

            You’re not working class, so stop identifying yourself as such. You’re still part of the problem no matter how long you’ve been here or how much you made then. You sit atop a giant pyramid (globally) of human suffering and you should recognize that.

        • ass says:

          I don’t associate myself with people who use “air quotes.”

      • Mark says:

        The Mission has been steadily gentrifying for decades. Artists took over a lot of formerly industrial sites in the 80s – their patrons and fine living have been flowing in ever since. True, it accelerated during the latest tech boom but it would have happened anyway, perhaps a bit more slowly. There are many points in time (40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s) when I wish we could have frozen San Francisco’s culture but civilization doesn’t work that way. Why should it be frozen at your particular point in time?

      • ass says:

        Have you ever actually met anyone who works at Google? Please tell me your experience. Because everyone I meet there is an amazing person.

      • one says:

        All the cities of the south bay with the exception of San Jose, are the fucking biggest NIMBYs of all. SF can’t touch the Peninsula in regards to the refusal to build any housing…but 1000s of sq ft of offices, no problem.

        Why does EVERYONE ignore this fact?

  3. Tim says:

    She’s nostalgic for 1998, but as I remember it, the same complaints were being made during DotCom 1.0.

    • not misdirected says:

      that is true. Rule number one about songs complaining about Mission douches: unless its written as a Banda Ranchero or a Jalisco Son, it’s a douchy song itself.

    • Truth says:

      She’s nostalgic for when she was a gentrifier and the hispanic families were being priced out based on what she could pay. Now there are people who can pay more, it’s not fair anymore.

  4. innermishsnowman says:

    I imagine going through life being so blissfully ignorant you don’t realize the rebuilding effort after the ’89 quake was one of the driving forces of gentrification that you actually root for another one is a pretty great way to live. The amount of stupid in one song is really impressive.

    • lldaws80 says:

      I’m assuming you don’t actually live in the Mission… the amount of stupid to your ignorance to what’s happening in the area is stupid.

      • innermishsnowman says:

        You are totally welcome to assume what you want. What’s going on right now has everyone’s blood boiling. All I was saying is that rooting for an earthquake to counter gentrification forces is not only counterproductive, but super uncool, even in jest.

    • not misdirected says:

      I think you have the wrong Mission. You’re thinking south of Market. there were very few soft floor buildings or brick structures in the Mission…remember, they were cheap woooden structures for those without cars.

  5. No joke, no racism, No snide comments intended: if there’s going to be a song bitching about this Mission, it’s got to be sung by him:


  6. ny mike says:

    dont you guys in SF get tired of the NY comparisons?

  7. Linda says:

    Amazing video, fantastic job!!! I’ve lived in SF for 29 years and the heart of the Mission for 20, and it just kills me to see what’s happened to this neighborhood.

  8. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    Unable to even create an original song, these kooks had to rip off an LCD Soundsystem classic to make their tired old point.
    Really encapsulates the entire crying hipster contingency that still lives here.

  9. smokey says:


    see ya in oakland!

  10. m says:

    Was that person serious when they said a six-figure salary can’t afford someone the ability to rent in SF? I sincerely hope that is sarcasm.

  11. Truth says:

    The mission was cool when artists and liberal arts degree baristas were the only ones able to price out the Latino working class. Now that there are a bunch of people with white collar jobs who can price out the white people, it’s not fun anymore.

  12. Newyorkerrr says:

    I think the song is done in good fun and is fairly self-mocking. I am not sure why some of you have your panties in such a bunch. And just for the record, New Yorkers are not thrilled about every aspect of gentrification either (I’ve lived here since 1980). It’s a complicated issue. Lighten up.

    • ass says:

      Have you ever asked a San Franciscan to lighten up? Faced with your lack of intentionality their heads simply explode.

  13. Carlos says:

    Advocating for an earthquake? I know it’s a ‘tongue-and-cheek’ reference, but a lot of people died or were hurt in the Loma Prieta earthquake, and the 1906 earthquake is still the deadliest disaster in California history. Not to mention the countless people who lost everything financially. Fuck them though, right? As long as it lowers your rent…

    Also, Google the singer of this song (pun intended). It appears she is a graphic artists that subsists off work largely from the tech industry. Not to mention the video was uploaded on YouTube and shared on G+.

  14. Lauren says:

    Please don’t move to Oakland. Pleeeeaaassseeee…..

  15. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    This is like one of those sour breakup songs where it turns out that the one being broken up with always had a lot of unrealistic expectations. And towards the end, the dumped says something like, ‘I still love you, but if I can’t have you, then nobody will.’

  16. nookie says:

    so no one mentions the beauty that happens when you play miles davis WITH this song? at least for the nyc version?

    ya’ll are slipping


  17. Yo Mama says:

    Alcoholic, Drug Addicted, Felons’ Lives Matter

  18. Jimmy says:

    Whether it is the liberal-arts-kids-replaced-latinos or tech-workers-replaced-liberal-arts-kids, does anybody here actually want to argue that income inequality is not a bad thing and that contemporary SF is not the poster child for the most embarrassing forms of it in nearly a century?