Evolution — you know, for kids!


The most glaring scientific mistake about this poster is that pigeons are not afraid of anything, especially not you or your beige stiletto.


Junkie watermelon


There goes the neighborhood.

The Mission on ‘Jeopardy!’

If you’re one of the cool kids who DVR’s Jeopardy, you may have noticed the category “Streets of San Francisco” on Saturday’s episode. If you’re not one of the cool kids, you missed out on watching the Mission get a shout out not once, but twice. Remember, you must answer in the form of a question:


And for $2000, Alex:


Some action at the future Southpaw BBQ


So this is finally happening. As we wrote back in February, there is some action going on at the Chinese restaurant on Mission between 17th and 18th, which possibly means that Southpaw BBQ will be up and running soon. Here is what we have to look forward to, from Southpaw’s Facebook page:

Southpaw BBQ is a tribute to quality Southern BBQ and food traditions that have been passed down through the generations. The focus of Southern style BBQ and cuisine is to provide delicious, quality, value-driven food in a warm and inviting atmosphere that promotes a strong sense of community. The Southpaw BBQ chef upholds the tenants of traditional Southern food, while creatively infusing San Francisco values of ethically and local sourced ingredients into the menu. Southpaw BBQ is a relaxed, inviting atmosphere where customers can feel at home while indulging in regional Southern food, specialty home brewed beers and creative cocktails.

In case you were wondering


Mystery solved.

MM Bloody Marython Sunday edition: Pop’s

Our second stop of the day was Pop’s, and after the long walk in semi-summer weather, a bloody mary is exactly what the bartender ordered. Tommy, the resident bloody expert, was ready for our crew and had the bacon sizzling by the time we walked in.

Cranking out 12 at a time (!!!), they were able to appease the growing crowd with their mixture of the standard bloody ingredients, also throwing in a splash of Guinness, green beans, asparagus, olives, a pickle, and my personal favorite, a wedge of pepperjack cheese. Overall, between the extremely patient bartenders and the expertly made Bloody’s, I’d say Pop’s is definitely a worthy destination for a Sunday drinking adventure.


MM Bloody Marython Sunday edition: Thieves Tavern

Our first stop on the Sunday edition of the Bloody Marython, Thieves Tavern welcomed us with open arms, waffles, and enough bloody marys to sink a ship. Our bartender, J Beaman, hooked it up with the house specialty: a bloody complete with okra, celery, pickled carrots, green beans and a cucumber. As if that wasn’t enough, you had the option of making your bloody vegan if you asked nicely. In addition to the smooth Mary’s, complimentary waffles were being made right at the bar, just in case you were doubting your morning decision of purely drinking your lunch.

To make it interesting, towards the end of our stint at Thieves, barkeep J threw down the gauntlet and offered $1 shots of Jameson for five minutes only — that guy definitely knows how to get a crawl started on the right foot.


Benefit for Capp Street fire victims tonight!

As you may recall, back on May 13th three lovely ladies lost their home to a fire on Capp St. Tonight you can help them out by attending their fundraiser at Tope in North Beach. More details from their Facebook event page:

Come celebrate life, health, good friends, and surviving all that life throws at you!

Festive treats include:
$3 well drink and draft beer specials 6-10pm
featured guest bartending by the Capp House Ladies
live music by Bruce Rodgers
DJ Mike Lewis
TONS of raffle/auction prizes (massages, Giants tix, special classes, art,
wine, hoodies, prime restaurant gift certificates and MORE…!)
appetizers courtesy of Thunder Road Catering
more surprises and a GREAT TIME await!

For those of you who cannot attend, but still want to contribute in some way (thank you!), please see our online donation site here: http://www.gofundme.com/Rebuilding-after-the-Fire

Thanks for all your support – Jessica, Lisa, Sarah and Jaime can’t wait to see you there!

[Art by Stevie Laney]

Mission Beach Cafe’s BBQ Tuesdays returns

Mission Beach Cafe is starting it’s summer BBQ dinner menu on Tuesday nights again. Just thought you all should know, in case you’re really jonesing for some ribs after a long holiday weekend of drinking.

(Thanks, Brittany!)

[Photo via moleskinboy]

Iron-on graffiti


This makes me want to bust out the iron and make Perler Bead dinosaurs for everyone.

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