Spiderclam, Planet of the Gapes, Freaks and Dicks

Apparently James Franco is a big fan of Kink.com — so big in fact, that he’s directing a documentary on the famed porn castle, and production has already started.

So what was it like when Franco came to the Mission? Indiewire has the details:

A tweet from Kink.com actress rain degrey from June 26 read: “Kink.com is all aflutter today because James Franco is here shooting his new movie. All these girls want to f*ck him! lol.”

Expect more James Franco in the Mission in the coming months, and maybe you’ll get to f*ck him if you’re lucky.


What are you gonna be for Halloween?


It may be a little early to start thinking about your costume, but here’s a friendly suggestion for you, courtesy of a mailbox.

Finally, a new pinball machine at Benders!


Just as we were all getting used to the sticky trigger on the left-hand side of the machine, Bender’s went ahead and got a new pinball machine — Theatre of Magic.  It’s fast, it’s a little tricky, and the combos are aplenty. Also, no more complaining that you lost because of said sticky trigger (there goes my strategy).

Bonus: Benders is also now serving King Cobra for $3. Wednesdays will never be the same.

Big boots for big drugs?


Usually you don’t think twice about seeing shoes dangling from a telephone wire — but snowboarding boots? What drugs are for sale on this corner?

Bastille Day celebration features absinthe (and some other stuff)

At Cell Space tonight, Litquake is hosting Cabaret Bastille, a Parisian themed event complete with jazz, absinthe and local writers getting into the spirit of 1920′s France.

Grab tickets here, and do take it easy on the Green Fairy — she’s a beast of a drink.

[Photo by Mary Rehak]

Treat Street fireworks

While the views from Bernal Hill were awesome for checking out the fireworks above the city, the real party last night was on Treat Street. Every corner had it’s own flare and car trunkful of explosives, but no stretch of Treat was quite as impressive as between 20th and 21st:

Fire Breather!

Summertime in the Mission


You know it’s a nice day when the parrots come out to play.


Punk rock pizza party tonight!

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers has always had impressive summer happy hours, and they’re taking it up a notch tonight with their Punk Rock Pizza Party, featuring $3 pints and a solid band line-up. From their Facebook invite:

Punk Rock and Pizza. And beer.

Line Up:
7pm Ruleta Rusa
8pm Dissonance
9pm Yadokai
Happy Hour starts at 4pm

FREE entry

Lock it up


No U-lock, no problem.


Fernet has a new anthem, everyone sing along!

Four Loko isn’t the only beverage with a catchy tune anymore. Everyone please welcome I Drink Fernet to the viral video scene, and remember to drink your medicinal elixirs responsibly.

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