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Plus, supporting your local comic store and all that!

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Badass calligraphy comic

Our pal Carlos Bergfeld was taking a calligraphy class and turned in a comic as his final project. Here’s the first panel:

Badass! Read on.

Chris Garcia on WTF podcast

Ex-Mission stand-up comic Chris Garcia has done us proud and popped up on the latest episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. In the stand-up world, that’s basically like getting an interview on Letterman. Big things for this guy, I predict. One day I’ll proudly say, “man, I remember when he was working on that ‘homeless man who only speaks in early 90s song lyrics’ bit at the Dark Room.”

Apparently Chris isn’t only in LA to “make it”. His dad lives down there and has been struggling with Alzheimer’s so he moved to be closer to family. That totally sucks, obviously, but Chris manages to tell us all about it with the typical comic coping mechanism of hilarious jokes.

Here it is. Fast forward to the 30-minute mark for his segment, if you want to skip Andy Dick, who even sober manages to be a trainwreck.

[via WTF]

And here’s his bit on the Mission, because we like to re-watch it every couple of months:

Wolverine drives a Smart car

He better hope that Ed Hardy doesn’t find out

Do you ever listen to Terry Gross and wonder what her boobs look like?

The Fog Bender does:

Disaster comics

We heard air raid sirens yesterday afternoon despite it not being Tuesday at noon. Turned out it was just a test, but our pal The Fog Bender immediately began imagining the worst:

One more doozy after the jump:


The Fog Bender: Too High

The Fog Bender: Awesome Week in Texas

The Fog Bender, now a weekly series only on Mission Mission

If you haven’t spent the last couple weeks bumming that the Fog Bender discontinued both his blog and Twitter account, it can only be because you’ve never seen the Fog Bender’s blog and Twitter account — and now you never will (except for the numerous hijackings we managed to pull off).

But! The good news is the Fog Bender is hard at work on a new regular series of comic strips and other work, and we’re thrilled to announce WE GET TO PUBLISH THEM RIGHT HERE ON MISSION MISSION!

Here’s the first, a humble intro to our protagonist:

Can’t wait for more? Check out this message from the man himself:

i wanna paint more murals. after painting in clarion last week, i have got the itch. please write me if you have a dumb blank wall that needs fogbending. thefogbender@gmail thankees <3

So, be sure to take advantage of that.