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Poll update: Google Bus vs. Google Glass

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Bible says what

I googled it:

I’m definitely going to start writing my name =ALLAN= though.

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Ryan Christopher Parks on the Google Glass controversy

Thanks, Mr. Parks!

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Finally, a free news weekly I actually want to read

This is even better than the Do-It-Yourself Yellow Journalism Machine of 2009.

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Times when Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson has said ‘So it begins’ on Twitter

And finally:

So whatever “it” is, it definitely involves the military, hackers, zombies, brain experiments — and Google moving into the Mission.

Toast post boast

Protesting a Google bus

Our pal Luke snapped this pic of this very organized protest this morning at 24th and Valencia. Thanks, Luke!

Check out the techies up top :(

UPDATE: SFist has lots more info.

Watch Al Jazeera America’s report on gentrification in the Mission


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2 Culture Sportscasters

In the comments section of last week’s post about a Valencia Street boutique offering a “punk princess” interior design for your toddler’s room, commenter Sean began a comment thusly:

I’ve lived in the neighborhood on and off since ’99. [link]

To which a new voice known as 2 Culture Sportscasters delivered the following analysis:

“He’s gone in with 99, that’s a strong date there, good opening, good opening.”

“Yes, 99 is a real strong date, going to be hard to complete with that, Paul, but he could get in trouble there, 99 during the first boom and all”

“That’s true, that’s true, but many of the other competitors probably don’t have a good hold on when that first boom was happening, remember the ad didn’t appear until 2000, that would’ve been many of these other sportsmen’s first exposure to dot-com, and that’s a full year after 99″

“You’re right, you’re right, but he’s also got the on and off, that’s open to question, of course”

“I think that’s close enough, these other guys probably have a number so far past 99 that on and off isn’t going to make any difference here, but we’ll see”

“Yes, we’ll see, we’ll see! Well, it’s a great opener so far! A great day here, and can I just say the weather is gorgeous? You can’t beat that early October!”

So, yeah, there is good stuff in the comments section. Occasionally.