‘It’s Sunny in the Mission’ Says Possible Mission Anthem

Our pal Christina recommends a song:

I wanted to share this song which I think could kind of be a Mission anthem, my friends wrote it so I may be a little biased, but doesn’t it just want to make you go lay out in the sun in Dolores Park? Feel free to share with MissionMission fans. The band is called The Cannery and they’re local.

Listen to the song in question here. Might be a little mellow to be the sound of the Mission, but it’s good.

Thanks, Christina!

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Modern Love 2011

I love that David Bowie song “Modern Love,” but I think it’s time Janebook and her pals produce a remix, incorporating some of the decidedly even more modern stuff seen here, in this excerpt from a post called “The Modern SF Love Story”:

K: We should write the modern love story:  a tale full of riveting texts, unbelievable tweets, and dive bars with views of Tecate waterfalls.

J: Long afternoons in Dolores Park, gossiping about people sitting 20 feet away. The buzzing of exterior gates at 2:43am.

K: 1964, the big Royal Ball. Epic battles between track bike riders and people with vintage city bikes.

J: A duel outside of Pop’s in the late summer afternoon heat…

K: … people watching in suspense from the windows of St. Francis.

J: Two lovers separated in a sea of Debaser flannel.

That’s how it ends. Super poetic. But the beginning is great too. Read it all.

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Where Does Four Loko Go to Die?

It goes to a recycling center to get turned into ethanol. Salon reports:

Brian Potter, vice president of operations at MXI’s facility in Abingdon, Va., said about a couple of hundred truckloads of the drinks would be coming to the plant. Each truck holds 2,000 cases of the 23.5-ounce cans.

MXI Enterprises is one of three facilities in the U.S. that recycle ethanol, according to the American Coalition for Ethanol, an industry group. Potter said Thursday that his competitors also are taking shipments of the drinks.

“We’re equipped to process four truckloads a day, and we’re at full capacity,” he said. “There are about 30 different products involved, and we’ve only seen a couple of them at this point. It could go on for several months.”

I see a Pixar movie about a case of poor, defenseless, anthropomorphized Four Lokos banding together to battle their way out of the recycling facility and into the bellies of some grateful cool kids. Read on.

[Thanks, Kevin!]

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Mission Girls and Mission Boys

In Missed Connections last night, a post called mission girls appeared. It is a five-point examination of everything that’s wrong with Mission girls. Here’s part of it:

can only achieve sexual pleasure through degradation. look, i’m happy if you want me to call you a slut, pull your hair and slap you in the face while fucking you SOMETIMES. i’d like a self-respecting, less violent fuck periodically. (this is why you have more one night stands than relationships and why you only end up in relationships with assholes, in case you were wondering.)

A few hours later, a post called mission boys popped up. Written by the same person? Written as a response? You be the judge:

can only achieve sexual pleasure through degrading other people. look, i’m happy if you want to call me a slut, pull my hair and slap me in the face while fucking SOMETIMES. i’d like a self-respecting, less violent fuck periodically. (this is why you have more one night stands than relationships and why you only end up in relationships with bitches, in case you were wondering.)

Aww. Is it all true? The sex stuff? The style stuff? The taste stuff?

We’ll have the full posts after the jump in case they disappear…

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Women and Binge Drinking

Over at Salon, local sexpert Tracy Clark-Flory looks at why gals are more into binge drinking than they used to be:

I’m more likely to order a beer and a shot of whiskey than a cosmo. I like to go against stereotypes like that. It is cocky and perhaps foolish — but, then again, the same can be said for my male friends when it comes to drinking. I might be driven by some vaguely third-wave feminist desire to “keep up with the boys” — but plenty of “the boys” are driven to keep up with each other, lest they appear unmanly. This is binge culture, and it isn’t strictly male or female anymore.

It’s on! Also, read on for more on the special health effects (and sexual assault effects) of binge drinking when you’re a woman.

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Drunk Girls and Chicharrones


Gender studies authority David Enos has compiled an exhaustive list of things women like. Here are some of them:

Ripping into any girl who is not present

Singing into any object approximately the shape of a microphone


Rolling their eyes when you walk by

Running the sink while they pee or poop

Eclipse gum

Study the full report here.

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Reader thomass has some thoughts on the matter:

Babes in this city need to get more like New York babes. Babes in New York to guys are the way guys are to guys here, I like that. I know this is a gay city and all but straight girls have gotta get the bear-esque attitude NYC girls have.

I’m not sure what he means, but I like the sounds of it. I think.

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Attention All Babes

Pride Ride

If only everybody in town were as cute as these two.

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Pug of War

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