Chromavision at ATA

Did you know there is a whole video/production studio at the back of Artist Television Access on Valencia at 21st? It’s called Goldwave and lately they’ve been producing an ongoing series called Chromavision which highlights local musicians who are bridging the worlds of analog and digital production. Check out their second episode featuring both an interview (above) and live set (below) with Mission resident Natural Curves!

Hermetically Sealed Living Art

“Ok, there’s only enough oxygen in there for a few hours, so try not to breathe too much.  We’ve got to make this last the whole weekend.”

If you walked down Valencia at all during the beautifully sunny weekend that we all just had the pleasure of enjoying, you must have noticed these poor souls trapped inside the window of Artist Television Access, the rad non-profit media access company that always seems to be up to some neat stuff when they’re not committing crimes against humanity.  Be sure to check them out if you’ve ever got some free time and a creative streak, or if you just want to see what’s new in the artistic community.  Besides indie film festivals, art installations, and aesthetic workshops, it also makes for the perfect spot to throw a Berlin Ping Pong Disco Party:

Photo by Malcolm M.

UPDATE!!! They are having a FUNraiser this weekend!

Robin Johnston at Artist Television Access

Noticed this while walking down Valencia Street and realized that I hadn’t seen what the kids at Artist Television Access have been up to lately.  Time to change that!  The DIY ethos exuded by ATA is pretty much what our neighborhood is based on.

A little research reveals that Robin Johnston is the creator of this piece, and she just happens to be holding an opening this afternoon from 4-7pm.  Titled Keeping Count (similar to my favorite Depeche Mode song!!!), it depicts ALL American casualities from 2003 to 2010.  Each string represents a day, and each knot in each string represents a death.  Deep stuff!

So perform your patriotic HUMANITARIAN civic duty at ATA this evening (or whenever you happen to walk by the window).

BONUS--craziness in other ATA window