Bike lane through the Hairball on Potrero

One of the most dangerous intersections in the Mission is now getting a bit safer with the inclusion of some long-awaited bicycle lane striping! Previously, navigating the dangerous Hairball Gauntlet has been extraordinarily treacherous for cyclists, especially those turning right off the skybridge from Cesar Chavez to Potrero who are expected to contend with merging traffic exiting from the 101.  While this spells things out a little more clearly, until they stencil in that bicycle guy (hopefully with pink helmets), drivers will still probably get confused.

Hopefully we won’t need to get the tank.

(BTW, I totally messed up by not taking the photo directly 180 degrees from this point of view so you can see what I’m talking about regarding the merging 101 traffic–this shortcoming will be ameliorated soon)