Danzig is tagging our construction equipment again


Fucking Danzig.

Smithsfits at the Knockout this Friday the 13th!

What better night to tempt the lords of darkness with a wild Smiths/Misfits dance party than Friday the 13th?  Afraid?  Too bad, because the Smithsfits Friend Club makes it triumphant return tomorrow at the Knockout, and the best part is that the first 36 people to walk through the door get a rad limited edition Smithsfits button!  You’d be surprised how well the Smiths and Misfits go together when you just want to dance, which is why this night has become one of my favorite parties in the neighborhood!  Be sure to Like the page so you stay up to date on when the next party’s going down (that is, if you make it through the night).

Oh, and don’t forget to RSVP and invite your friends here!