Reatarded: No Word on Jay Reatard's Surprise 12 Galaxies Show

I missed last night’s surprise Jay Reatard performance at 12 Galaxies because I had Digitalism tickets (no regrets). I figured someone would have some good shots on Flickr. No luck. Best I could do is this shot of their set opening for the Black Keys at the Warfield. Boooring.

I also figured someone would fill me in on the details of the show. No dice. Best I could do is this transcript of a gchat between me and some hater I know:

melena: the black keys bleeeew my mind last night
allan: omg, what about jay reatard?
melena: if that was the shitty band that opened i was not impressed
allan: oooo no way, i’ve seen jay reatard like 7 times
melena: it was like pseudo punk
sheer cacophony and not in a cool way
allan: snap


melena: god the black keys are so insanely talented


Photo by erictoledo.

Announcement: Jay Reatard to Play Unannounced Show at 12 Galaxies Tonight After Opening Up for the Black Keys at the Warfield

If you’re not friends with Jay Reatard on MySpace, you’re welcome. A bulletin was posted this afternoon:

Jay Reatard is playing a second set tonight– The Warfield is sold out!
Jay’s set is at 11:30; great bands to open so get there early.

Jay Reatard
The Ohsees (John Dwyer from the Coachwhips etc)
The Pets
Ty Segall
9:00 pm

@ 12 Galaxies
2565 Mission St.

@ 22nd
advanced tickets

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