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The Furniture Section

At Thrift Town.

Kreayshawn goes to Thrift Town

I’m a little late to the game with the whole Kreayshawn kreayze, but that hasn’t stopped other notables from weighing in (“Godawful. Another white girl from the ‘burbs trying to act hard. Kesha with a bluntwrap”).  Nor has it stopped Kreay-Kreay from venturing out of Oakland to hang out in our hip little Mission district for the obligatory Thrift Town rack dive and jaunt through Clarion Alley.  Did she buy the same rainbow-vomit sweater you sold there last week?


[Thanks J-man!]

Dress Like Robin Williams… By Buying His Clothes

GayCities reports that Robin Williams recently dropped off a bunch of his old threads at the Mission Thrift Town, so if you’re a husky fella who likes designer clothes by Sergio Amante, Kiki Tanemura, and Romane (I made those up) head on down and own a piece of showbiz history.

Word has it that he also dropped of the tux he wore to the Academy awards while accepting his Oscar for his performance in Toys.

Ok, it’s too easy to poke fun at Rob, but he actually seems like a pretty swell guy. Listen to his interview on the WTF podcast if you’ve got an hour.

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