DJ Katie: She Knows Exactly What I Needs

I know we said it was gonna be every first Thursday, but we lied. Our very own Katie deejays Beauty Bar once again TONIGHT, from 7-10pm. Admission is free. Mission Mission contributors Lael and Becca will be in attendance, as well as all of our best friends. And I mean, if for nothing else, come for the trippy new barstools.

Asked about last week’s gig, Gina Rosemellia (fan of Katie and driving force behind Unburying the Lead) exclaimed:

Katie made me feel like i had some ants in my pants – i couldn’t stop a-dancin’

Sounds good to me. Sound good to you? And yes, that’s Otis up there with Katie. Click pic to make big.

More DJ Katie on Mission Mission here.

(Note: Lee Hazlewood says “She knows exactly what I needs” in the song “She Comes Running”.)

12 Responses to “DJ Katie: She Knows Exactly What I Needs”

  1. katie says:

    quit hinting for lee hazelwood!

  2. Allan says:

    am not hinting! i just happened to be listening to that song when i was writing this post, and all of a sudden lee hazlewood supplied me with a solid headline!

  3. katie says:

    ahuh, just like last night when you were all “katie, listen to the beginning of this Lee Hazelwood song”, and because it had horns you thought i was immediately going to add it to the set. well you’re wrong buck-o.

  4. Allan says:

    looks like i’ve been touché’d

  5. Kenneth says:

    I’m all for supporting your friends’ music, but can we keep the shill posts to once a month, say? And for the record, I will *never* go to Beauty Bar, under any circumstances. Ugh. Even if God were DJing.

  6. Allan says:

    yeah we’ve been feeling shilly, but katie isn’t just one of our friends, katie is one of mission mission’s original contributors (see here). i mean, whenever cory doctorow has a new book out, he hypes it to death on boing boing.

    also why the hate for beauty bar? what bars do you like?

  7. Kenneth says:

    Understood, it’s fair game. No hate to helping your friends, just sayin’. :-)

    On Beauty Bar: honestly I kind of lump it in with Medjool. Obviously not as fancy, but it attracts largely folks from outside the neighborhood (or city), is too often packed to the point of unpleasantness, meat market, etc. Maybe I’m wrong, but there it is.

    My favorites: Lone Palm, Jay ‘n’ Bee, Monk’s Kettle, Rite Spot, Make Out Room. And that’s just the Mission! Boy am I a drunk.

  8. Allan says:

    good points all, but i’ve found recently that beauty bar before 10 is not half bad. mellower crowd, better music, not as packed.

    also, great faves list. be on the lookout for a make-out room/mission mission team-up, coming in june.

  9. katie says:

    monk’s kettle is bevmo with some chairs. their burger is decently tasty, NOT decently priced.

  10. Kenneth says:

    What’s bevmo? Is that south of cesar chavez? ;-)

    P.S. Was reminded of how good the Uptown can be tonight. And Homestead on Folsom, too.

  11. tk says:

    So, how’d it go last night?

    I went to Monk’s Kettle once for happy hour and it was fine. But every time I walk by at night there are bodies pressed up against all the windows like in a fish tank in Chinatown. No thanks.

    Lone Palm is also good early but suffers from severe overcrowding later at night.

  12. Allan says:

    best ever man. katie killed, the dance floor took a beating, and we got to meet Plug1!