Boots n' Tickets on Capp

Jason Schlachet noticed that an unusually high amount of cars were booted on 700 Block of Capp:

“Saw at least 3 vehicles booted on 700blk of Capp. what happened?”

One of the cars booted was a newish Mini Cooper.  By the time the owner gets the boot off that car, the most difficult window to replace will have been smashed out, a homeless guy will have urinated in the back seat, all the toll money will have been spent on a round of Corona’s at El Trebol and the “totally awesome” collection of Ludacris and Chingy CDs will have been sold in front of the Bank of America on Mission.


11 Responses to “Boots n' Tickets on Capp”

  1. zinzin says:

    um…the city is fucking broke…some cushman drove by and did its job.

    it’s no big “happening”.

    the 3 pools of puke in front of Trebol was more interesting. though certainly not “unusually high”.

  2. jschlach says:

    i won’t believe it until i see it stenciled onto the sidewalk

  3. meave says:

    I am feeling targeted over here. Soon there’ll be SF Appeal-paid paparazzi hiding between all my neighbors’ cars, and really, do we need more attention? No. Just leave us to our muttering, pacing, illegal parking, gelato-eating, stranger-beating, occasional shooting, produce-selling, and adorable pit-bull-walking; the Mission does exist outside of Capp Street.

    • Yeah, but this is where all the interesting stuff is. Plus, I rarely leave my house, so I don’t notice anything else. This is why there is a “contact us” page where people can kindly send us tips. You’re welcome to drop off ideas anytime; maybe then the Capp Chaos won’t need to fill the void.

      • meave says:

        OK when I said “the Mission does exist outside of Capp Street,” that was conjecture based on reading the internet.

    • zinzin says:

      pit-bulls, and poodles.

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  5. I actually saw a lot of cars booted in Nob Hill today and in the wharf!! Nice jaguar booted too.

  6. Gangster79 says:

    We are happy to resend any missing acknowledgement file when requested to do so. ,