23 can Only be Divided by Itself or by One


Found at the bus stop at 23rd and Mission. (Credit – Brittney Gilbert)

9 Responses to “23 can Only be Divided by Itself or by One”

  1. Eric says:

    From the exciting world of prime numbers!

  2. SF_Jef says:

    This is another example of pro-prime number propaganda propagated by the liberal media.

  3. bubbles says:

    Glad this prime number is getting some play at last! Thanks!
    FYI: this helpful math reminder has been there for about a month, and hopefully more will crop up along Mission St.

  4. ben says:

    About a month? Are you serious? It’s been there for years. There are others saying that humans get 23 chromosomes from each parent, and that the axial tilt of the earth is 23 degrees (it’s 23.5, but, OK).

    The Mission District: visit it some time.

  5. Jim says:

    Strangely applied to a visual demonstration of a square number. Metaphors: mixed.

  6. brian says:


    23/2 = 11.5

    Or, my favorite:

    23/1999 ≈ 0.011505752876438219109554777388694

  7. Jeffjxr says:

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  8. trumujskim says:

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