Chalk Mandala

Chalk Mandala

Seen on 15th Street, near South Van Ness.

Credit to NAL?

6 Responses to “Chalk Mandala”

  1. Rhiannon says:

    I’ve talked to the guy who draws these. I saw some amazing curly squiggly pretty things the time I walked by while he was drawing them one night on my way to Stale Magnolias at Glamarama.

    Anyway, they’re gorgeous, and he’s a nice dude, we talked for a couple of minutes.

    • moradodreams says:

      since you mentioned glam… is this the piece on south van ness b/w 16 n 15?

  2. Becca says:

    He chalked a beautiful lady on the east side of Dolores btw. 17th and 18th last week. It’s faded, but still there…

  3. Jocelyne says:

    I’ve been seeing these beautiful chalk art pieces all around Dolores st, and the mission. I have a few pics of the others ones. They are all very well done!

  4. Nikolas says:

    Thanks for the credit!!
    “NAL” is, in fact, me.
    Moved to the Mission a few months ago and loving it!
    Been taking advantage of an under-used medium.
    People seem to really like it.