Potential New Park On 17th And Folsom

Mission Mission reader Todd gave us the heads up about an upcoming community meeting discussing a potential new park on 17th and Folsom:

We need your help to design a proposed new open space in the Northeast Mission! Help the City design this space and tell us what types of activities and programs are needed in the neighborhood.

The site is currently a parking lot on the corner of 17th and Folsom Streets. The City is working on acquiring this site and converting a portion of this space to a neighborhood park.

The following will be provided:

  • English to Spanish translation
  • Light refreshments
  • Childcare & youth friendly activities
  • Here’s the time and location:

    Marshall Elementary School 1575 15th St. (at Capp)
    Saturday, January 23
    11:00 AM

    I always thought this site across from the Rite Spot Cafe could use some beautifying. We all agree on parks right? I mean it’s not like this is a luxury condo, boutique store, or parking lot.

    Well, I’m sure one of you will find a way to post a nasty comment about why parks are a bad idea. Such as how they have the tendency to attract those unsavory bike polo types. Go to it, readers!

    21 Responses to “Potential New Park On 17th And Folsom”

    1. Lilz says:

      This is bullshit. I object. I say build a prison or an In n’ Out Burger at this location.

    2. milkshake says:

      no- we are not all agreed on a park. I’d say affordable housing is more of a priority!

    3. SimonSays says:

      I’d put an American Apparel shop up in dat bitch.

    4. t says:

      yay, park! The Mission is in desperate need of green space. Affordable housing is important but only benefits a few, most of all the developer, who probably wouldn’t even be able to build in this economy. A city-owned park is an asset to the entire community, and can be community-built for cheap.

    5. Rhiannon says:

      Are they still gonna show Mythbusters episodes there when it’s a park?

    6. Scotty says:

      17th & Folsom: The new Dolores?

    7. Rhiannon says:

      There’s about as many tallboys of Tecate.

    8. Glenparker says:

      Do you know if there was ever a gas station on that spot?

    9. two beers says:

      It has to be a cafe. Sure, there’s a cafe on Folsom on the other side of 17th, and there’s a cafe on 16th at Folsom, but really, we need more cafes.

    10. johnny0 says:

      Pre-1870 – in/on the edge of Mission Creek.

      Pre 1906 — luggage manufacturing, woodworking and a saloon (big surprise, I know — and better yet, Enterprise Brewing was across Folsom).

      Post 1906 — don’t have access right now to my usual sources, but here’s a 1929 picture looking east on 17th (that’s the Digipop building on the right) and a 1927 shot looking north on Folsom (Digipop on left) both of which of course don’t show the corner I want.

      The 1926 SF Coast Survey map shows a building on that corner so it wasn’t an empty lot then. I can see a sign on the left of the 1929 shot but I can’t make it out.

    11. Mission Mistaken says:

      I would prefer they fix up all the crappy crime infested “affordable” housing we’re already stuck with before they build even more. Start at 16th & So Van Ness, the hell hole where just yesterday a man was found strangled, and the 250 people living there claimed to have seen nothing out of the ordinary. Indeed.

    12. [...] at Marshall Elementary School at 11 a.m. on Jan. 23. Why? The community needs your help designing a potential new park at 17th and Folsom Streets.  I don’t know if they originally paved paradise to put up that parking lot, but the opposite, [...]

    13. Mike says:

      More parks please. there is too much concrete.

    14. johnny0 says:

      Bike polo court!

    15. Cranky Old Mission Guy says:

      Last time I checked, there was a huge frickin’ park at Bryant between 16th and 17th. Did we outgrow that?

    16. dlm says:

      hey cranky. that is like 4 blocks away. what do you expect? people to walk up that hill?
      personally, I would like some good luxury condos there too. Its a big parking lot. they can share.

    17. not so old and cranky mission guy says:

      the park on bryant between 16 / 17 is about 95% soccer field and playground, I live across the street and still prefer going over to hipster beach (delores) tho I don’t think putting in a little park on folsom would change that… I think the mission could use a ferris wheel and/or other carnival rides… maybe they could leave it a parking lot and hire a carnival to turn it into a destination.

    18. El Californio says:

      The site was identified as a location for a park in the Eastern Neighborhoods Planning Process. Open space was one of the major issues that MAC was advocating for during the process. PODER (MAC) has been leading the campaign to have the city buy the land from the PUC sooner rather than later.

    19. Hi everyone,

      Thank you to those who attended the 17th and Folsom Community Design Workshop on January 23rd! The City is hosting another event this Saturday, February 6th at the 17th and Folsom site. Here are the details:

      The City has been working with the community to explore possibilities for an open space on a portion of a parking lot at the corner of 17th and Folsom Streets. City staff has developed initial designs into a series of park alternatives.

      Come join us on the site to review these park possibilities, and to give us your feedback on the designs!

      Stop by anytime between 11AM and 2PM – stay for a while to check out the site, or just drop by for a few minutes, but make sure we capture your ideas!

      Coffee and snacks will be provided!

      WHERE: 17th and Folsom site
      DATE: Saturday, February 6th
      TIME: 11am-2pm

      For more information, visit: http://17thfolsompark.sfplanning.org

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