BART Fantasy Future Fun

Burrito Justice dug up some ancient BART concept art, lookin’ like straight out of TRON. If you think proposals 1 and 2 are nice, wait’l you see them alongside 3, 4 and 5.


BART Badges

BART Swing

BART Boner

6 Responses to “BART Fantasy Future Fun”

  1. Mission Mistaken says:

    Not to be philosophical and too abstract, but for me, doing anything underground gives me pause. What I like about driving is that no matter what happens, I am up in the air. Except in Paris. I love the Paris Metro and never feel disturbed by it. Maybe that has something to do with truffles.

  2. johnny0 says:

    I’ll pick a BART tunnel over any highway interchange during any earthquake.

    But I think you’re onto something re the Paris Metro -it definitely has its own terroir.

  3. Junk Thief says:

    Why stop at Novato? Let’s go on to Santa Rosa. No, on up to Eureka.

  4. noddy says:

    This reminds me of the BART kiosk redesign by Berkeley UI students:

    The only issue is the (unwelcome) redesign of the BART logo.