Burrito Map

I stumbled upon this custom radial map of some guy’s favorite burrito joints and their relative distances from his home. From the looks of it, it’s a map of Santa Clara:

Her son Greg, then 29, had recently introduced her to the “My Maps” plotting feature on Google maps. “He suggested that it would [even] allow me to map his favorite burrito joints, and I took him at his word,” says Brown. “I had radial maps in my head; they seem the most primal, symbolic kind of map. And yet–here’s the beauty and elasticity of maps–perfect for burrito joints!” Wondering about those Korean characters at the bottom? They’re a nod to Greg’s wife, who is Korean. The translation: “I love burritos.”

This looks like something we’d see on Burrito Justice; I’m surprised Johnny0 wasn’t consulted. Although in the Mission we’d definitely have to use feet instead of miles.

(via National Geographic)

One Response to “Burrito Map”

  1. johnny0 says:

    Awesome map. But as far as I’m concerned, everything south of La Tapatia in SSF is terra incognita. Beyond here there be dragons, end of the burrito world as we know it.