Worst Place to Take a First Date?

Clooney’s today made Hidden Host‘s new Worst Places to Take a First Date list. (Kudos, Clooney’s!)

Of the several locations on the list, Clooney’s is the only one in the Mission, which leads us to believe there might’ve been some glaring omissions. Aren’t there worse places in the neighborhood to take a first date than this place?

Photo by generik11.


Clooney’s: The Next Hot Bar in the Mission by Kevin Montgomery

Clooney’s: The Next Medjool by Kevin Montgomery

8 Responses to “Worst Place to Take a First Date?”

  1. maria says:

    as someone who used to “frequent” (aka, i went there like 10 times) Clooneys’, there is NO worse place in the mission to take a first date. NONE.

  2. ChunkyDoRight says:

    Ya, Clooney’s is bad for a first date (unless you’re dating a Clooney’s “regular”, in which case *all* dates will be at Clooney’s). But it’s great when you want this date to be the last date! :)

  3. devin says:

    What if your date really likes pickled eggs and bad romance novels? Then Clooney’s is the place, but it’s pointless because El Trebol is clearly the Mission’s “Worst Place To Take A First Date.”

  4. Jeff D says:

    now, for a THIRD date – Clooney’s is divine!

  5. Sheabones says:

    Clooney’s is a better morning-after date than Boogaloos because they’ll actually serve you a hair of the dog (if not the dog itself) and you don’t have to wait outside in line for an hour with folks who still look like it’s 2005 in Williamsburg ;)

  6. Clooneys is a cop bar. Always has been.

  7. brendan says:

    Hey, my friend got married in Clooney’s! True story…

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