Mission music in the ’90s

I stumbled upon this clip from a public access show in the ’90s called San Francisco Live.

If you can get past the spazzy 2 minute intro (which I linked past), it’s pretty interesting. Kilowatt used to be a destination spot for for Japanese noise bands, Czech Gypsy punk was a genre, and people used to buy records from record stores. Crazy, huh?

7 Responses to “Mission music in the ’90s”

  1. Stu says:

    MENS CLUB!!!

  2. sheabones says:

    Awesome! Singer of Mens Club plays in my band (www.tinyurl.com/LunchBook). I remember seeing them play a backyard party in 95 and wanting to steal him for a band – but it took me 12 years!

  3. El Pito says:

    LOL! Caught Zeni Geva at the Kilowatt way back when and a whole lifetime ago it seems..

  4. Sheezus says:

    Wow, this does bring back some memories. That’s Bob being interviewed. Haven’t seen him in years. Anyone know what happened to him?