Jeans for Japan

If anyone in the Mission knows anything about Japan, it’s Kiya from Self Edge. His shop specializes in Japanese reproductions of vintage American garments, so his work takes him overseas pretty often, looking at product, checking out production facilities, meeting the people fueling this distinctive subculture that is denim obsession.

So, if you want to aid Japan by patronizing local Mission businesses, Self Edge might be a great place to start.

P.S. Look how well my four-month-old ringrings are breaking in:

6 Responses to “Jeans for Japan”

  1. Ciao says:

    what percentage goes to the cause?

  2. Mission Mistaken says:

    Wow, that means on a $10,000 pair of jeans, I save $1000 bucks and Japan gets, er, something.

  3. kiya says:

    10% of the sale price goes to the Japanese Red Cross.

    Your really cool Levi’s which were made in China or Mexico are making children blind due to the dyes which they dump into local water supplies. How hip are you now?