Help decide the fate of Dolores Park

The closures we mapped out last week aren’t the only changes coming soon to Dolores Park. More improvements (and more closures) are in the works, and tomorrow evening you can get involved with the decision-making process:

Thursday, June 2nd


Mission High School Cafeteria

On Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30, the community will gather for the first of a series of workshops to plan the renovation of Dolores Park.  Everyone is invited to participate.  At this first workshop, community members will brainstorm a wish list for park improvements and tour the park to create a shared analysis of what needs to be improved.

Further info here.

18 Responses to “Help decide the fate of Dolores Park”

  1. scum says:

    It needs to be deloused of the hipsters.

  2. RS says:

    Ok…you know what would improve the park on an astronomical scale…banning idiots from making Dolores Park their own personal nightclub/hippie hodown/pulpit. Last Saturday a friend and I strolled through the park in an effort to find a place to squat and chill, kinda what parks are for right? Only to be ear-fucked by the worst element that has been taking over the park for years. On one side, Mr. Mobile DJ, blasting house music, ’cause you know EVERYONE wants to hear it, in front of him about a dozen or so twatlings dancing, what the fucking fuck, man, get a club dude. Down, closer to the Dolores St. stairs, a fucking musical sermon by none other than a group of 1970′s era Jesus freaks…man, fuck you…NO ONE, not one soul will be saved by your moronic and pathetic attempt at evangelizing through the arts. I was seriously one song away from walking down there and giving them the “dude, no one cares” talk. And to top it off, the fucking shitshow called the Drum-circle…ok now, I’m a drummer, and can sympathize with the hassles of playing in the confines of one’s room…but come the fuck on…take it to Golden Gate Park, where you’ll find the same untalented useless banging you call an artform. FUCK!

    • Robert says:

      Wow- very few of the so called NIMBY Neighbors I talk to come close to this diatribe against the DJ’s. If they will just knock it off past 6 pm., we good. But I think most people agree about the drum circle. Enough already!

      • scum says:

        Amplified music without a permit is illegal, same thing with people who use megaphones.

    • The Problem with Larry says:

      DJ’s, drum circles and douche brigades all… we’re over you. Go away.

  3. Think_for_Me says:

    That would make a mighty nice location for a Target!

  4. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    ick. i went to the last one of these and it was the most intensely whiny gathering of oldies and do-gooders i’ve been to since i joined a scotch tasting meetup. gah.

    freals, if you want to sit around for 2 hours and leave feeling fully disgruntled and as though no one will ever accomplish anything in life, this is your spot.

  5. unbewusst says:

    RS, no one, NO ONE will be saved by your blog post rant. Dolores park is large enough for you to have found a quiet section of the park that’s perfect for chillin. There are plenty of parks in this city – some more peaceful than others – and I truly don’t understand why self-absorbed squares like you don’t realize that if you want a park to chill at, maybe Dolores isn’t the best place for that.

    I’m thankful that there are a few places left in this city that haven’t been sterilized to meet your/every self righteous person’s puritanically exacting standards of what is proper/acceptable public behavior. I wish you much success in making all of SF fucking boring.

    PS, I’m very aware that my ranting at your rant is completely idiotic and contradictory, and helps no one.

    • DvD says:

      Did you really just use the term ‘squares’? You’ll have to excuse me for asking, I am distracted by me punching myself in my brain to try to forget something about a person using some 40′s slang in response to a rant about hippies and hipsters. I am just trying not to implode on the sheer meta of this entire exchange. Wait.. meta.. OMG, now I am doing it. OMG, ‘OMG’…. must punch harder… world can’t be this lost… there is hope… will I dream?

      • unbewusst says:

        if you were to hit yourself over the head with this: ▢√² it would be meta.

        ps i used that slang for the lulz

  6. Brillo says:

    the question is, do we all love Dolores Park enough to never go there again?

  7. chalkman says:

    those poor Jesus-saps were not ready for the 1-2 punch of my Jesuit trained buddy and I when they walked up to us…they really didn’t like “No true god needs a sales and marketing department” or “Prove your faith, wash the feet of those homeless guys over there, that’s what Jesus would do!”

  8. hipsterDoucheBaggery says:

    These are the demands of the Dolores Park Liberation Army.

    We want the following improvements made:
    $15 Burritos for sale(because you know they taste better)
    Mandatory hipster check-in and inspection
    Screaming Queens
    Muscle Marys (perferably oiled)
    More soccer!
    Can we just move Lime and the End-up into one section?
    Every single-fucking-food-cart on the planet in one corner.
    Mini-burningman! all fucking year round beside the soccer field, its sorta deserty-looking…
    Timbale Circles!
    Non-stop fucking mime!
    Sister of perpetual indulgence on duty 24/7
    Weird creepy guys with camera snapping upskirt photos of young asian women.
    Meat on a stick.
    Man humping hole in ground.
    Young love.. more of it.
    Dogs and dogshit everywhere.
    Angry dog owners who don’t train their dogs.
    Over-sized sunglasses that make women’s faces look funny.
    The wearing of many layers of clothing, year round.
    Less children.
    Less children screaming.
    Single childless person dispensing parenting advice to that awful awful parent who’s child is clearly out of control.

    And if you can get to it.
    More working toilets? and see if you can fix that drainage thing.

  9. chalkman says:

    so, what happened at the meeting?

  10. Pamela Meyers says:

    What’s wrong with park, except cleaning it everyday. I lived on Landers near the Mission, I loved the park!