Medjool’s roof deck is open for business, legally!

SFist delivers the good news:

The legalization of Medjool’s rooftop party palace comes with a few stipulations. Namely: fewer people allowed up there, a smaller space and no more live music.


At least one commissioner (rightly!) agreed we need to have more roof top bars in San Francisco, but pointed out the commission should probably figure out the size and noise guidelines for approving those first so we don’t end up with more of these drawn-out battles.

So, see you guys at Medjool as soon as we’re done with work/our DJ party? Cool.

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[Photo by Kevin Hahn]

3 Responses to “Medjool’s roof deck is open for business, legally!”

  1. mr. breakoneoff says:

    has anybody let Tomi Laine Clark and her entourage know about this?

  2. scum says:

    Madjool is for tools.

  3. truth says:

    Walnut Creek residents rejoice!