Epic Halloween costume: I’m Frank Chu, you’re Frank Chu’s sign

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Here’s what a Berlin-style ping pong Halloween dance party looks like

American Tripps was a blast on Friday. Tons of killer costumes, tons of killer pong, tons of killer tunes courtesy of DJ Wam Bam Ashleyanne — and it all resulted in tons of killer pictures by special guest photographer NOBUNNY. Here are a few highlights:

View the whole album here.

And don’t forget! This Friday is the American Tripps Berlin-Style Ping Pong Block Party! (More on that tomorrow.)

United we stand


Urban refuse demonstrates solidarity by occupying Valencia.

Or, perhaps it’s viral marketing for the Garbage reunion world tour.

Pumpkin dump


Happy Halloween from Mission Street!

Dear Mom signage is up!

Almost time to PARTY!

Argus Lounge is just about dead; long live Iron and Gold!

Reading the press release aloud to the crew, I got to the part about the new bar being called “Iron & Gold” and I was like “Iron & Gold??? That sounds dumbbb.” But then Steven says, “Dude, don’t be an idiot. San Francisco: Gold in Peace, Iron in War. Iron and Gold.” Steven wins. Iron & Gold sounds kind of cool. General Manager Andrew Marks elaborates on the new bar’s classic-SF vibe:

[T]he general theme will be a throw back to old San Francisco taverns with low lighting, natural woods, and the primary colors will be green, black, white, and gold.  As much as I do like red bars, we are looking to stand out a little. The decor will be casual and elegant, as well as our staff, and products. We will have a cool neon sign.

As for Argus, this weekend is your last chance. They shut it down for good after one last party on Monday, and Iron & Gold is expected to open November 18th.

Full press release after the jump:


The Cramps vs. Smithsfits this Saturday night at the Knockout

NOTE: The date on the flyer is a bit wrong. This happens Saturday the 29th.

Cramps-heavy dance party! With a little bit o’ Smiths and a little bit o’ Misfits too! From the official invite:

Special Halloweenie edition with guest Cramps enthusiast Miss Lisa Weiss. Lottsa of ghoulish decor, and one lucky recipient will receive $50 and a Hamm job for best costume at midnight. Free handsome devilock SMITHSFITS badge at the door while supplies last. Ans as always, SMITHS or MISFITS tee’s get in free.

RSVP and invite your friends!

What are your preferred types of beer and cat?

(Thanks, Angela!)

How Berlin-style ping pong took San Francisco by storm

The Bold Italic this morning takes a look at the history of Berlin-style ping pong in San Francisco. Here’s a taste:

One of the great things about Berlin-style ping-pong is how social it is. You find yourself next to strangers in the circle, and you have this common sports drama to bond over. Somebody makes a wild shot, and you’re all cheering and exchanging critiques together. You recognize players of similar skill levels to your own, and you root for them. Pretty soon you’re friends.

That’s how it’s been at American Tripps. It’s a real scene.

Read on for the full story.

And don’t forget, American Tripps returns to the Secret Alley TONIGHT!! Start your Halloween weekend off right!

SFPD ♥s Dunkin Donuts

Our pals over at Ice Tubes broke this story a couple days ago. We casually posted it on our Tumblr and it got like a MILLION notes, so we figured we’d better put it here too for those of you not hip to the Tumb.

“SFPD runs on Dunkin!”