Here’s what a Berlin-style ping pong Halloween dance party looks like

American Tripps was a blast on Friday. Tons of killer costumes, tons of killer pong, tons of killer tunes courtesy of DJ Wam Bam Ashleyanne — and it all resulted in tons of killer pictures by special guest photographer NOBUNNY. Here are a few highlights:

View the whole album here.

And don’t forget! This Friday is the American Tripps Berlin-Style Ping Pong Block Party! (More on that tomorrow.)

3 Responses to “Here’s what a Berlin-style ping pong Halloween dance party looks like”

  1. hillary says:

    Oh the god damned hipsters just won’t go away. I counted at least 3 ironic mustaches and oversized glasses. Enough already with this niche.

  2. How very SF says:

    Oh! All the white dudes and Asian women. What a surprise.

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