Historical Cushman with catechismic surprise

We’ve noticed more and more of these decommissioned parking enforcement vehicles around the neighborhood over the past year or so being driven by regular people like you and me.  In fact, most of the time they happen to be doing the opposite of parking enforcement, as this fellow here so clearly demonstrates.  However, not all Cushmans are created equal, as this well-kept example used to be in the service of the Bureau of Street Cleaning & Urban Forestry.

That’s right–the Department of Public Works used to have a Bureau of Urban Forestry.  I wonder what sort of forestry qualifies as “urban”?  But that’s not all!  Inside the cockpit (btw, someone definitely needs to open a bar in the Castro called the Cockpit), you’ll also find evidence of a celestial co-pilot.

Of course, I suppose that just means the devil is his navigator.


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9 Responses to “Historical Cushman with catechismic surprise”

  1. scum says:

    The City still has an Urban Forestry division, it’s part of B.S.E.S

  2. GG says:

    “I wonder what sort of forestry qualifies as “urban”?” That just means trees in the city. Street trees, trees in parks. They’re very helpful if you want information/help on planting trees in your neighborhood.

  3. “What sort of forestry qualifies as ‘urban’”? That would be the part of forestry that recognizes the existence of trees prior to urban development and, therefore, understands that urban development can displace the trees that are essential to the continuing generation of the gasses that people breathe.

  4. batman says:

    how much would one of these decomised thingies go for ? batman has ideas !

  5. Lindsey says:

    “(btw, someone definitely needs to open a bar in the Castro called the Cockpit)”


  6. Arnold Haan says:

    That’s my car, and lo and behold, that’s me standing next to it.

    I bought it to use as a marketing tool for my new business as a real estate agent. (don’t throw eggs please)

    I love this little car, and the history behind it.

    Contact me anytime to discuss.

    Arnold Haan w Coldwell Banker

    PS – the cross came with the car, and i’m fearful of removing it…

  7. Stuart says:

    Where does one buy these? craigslist? What’s the legality of driving/parking one of these in SF?

  8. Arnold Haan says:

    I bought this one on Craigslist. Began at $2,800 ask, but negotiated down to $2,000. It has a 2 cylinder, 18hp, american motor, which effects it’s value negatively. This one was built in 1984. The later cushmans and the Ez-Go Interceptors can frequently be found with stronger and faster Diahatsu/ Kia engines. They’re expensive to fix though, and only 1 mechanic that i know of at this point. I’ve only owned it for a few months so far. fun to drive, but the brakes are downright frightening.

    Best way to get them is via craigslist, e-bay or public/ city auctions in sacramento or oakland.

    I love talking about this thing, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail about it. Arnold@ArnoldHaan.com