A bike accident and its aftermath

Our pal Lindsey took a bad tumble last night, and wrote all about it this morning:

Somehow while falling, my foot went through the spokes of my front wheel, and the wheel turned and smashed my foot through my fork. I called 911 as a bunch of people came to help me, and they eventually had to cut out two spokes to get my foot out of my front wheel. I hopped in the ambulance to get checked out, and they advised I go get stitches on a cut on my face. Hot. They let me sit on the gurney, and we headed to St. Luke’s. The paramedics were nice & played mid-90’s alternative while we cruised over. They thought it was funny when I asked them to take a picture of me for my blog, but like, optimism or whatever. Paramedic 38 was typing up my report & was nice enough to write “did not cry” on it. We got to the hospital & they were talking about Michael Vick getting a $100,000 contract. I said “That piece of shit can make six figures but I’m still a broke ass bitch?”.

Read on to hear about the shot and the stitches and the doctor with a TV on the Radio shirt.

15 Responses to “A bike accident and its aftermath”

  1. diethylether says:

    If you shed a few tears next time you’ll get better meds.

  2. Henri! says:

    Try $100 million. $100,000 is a drop in the bucket.

  3. Joshua says:

    that sounds like a really awful hospital bill. ambulance rides are hella expensive :X

    • new says:

      That’s what I was thinking. “let” you sit on the gurney? Yeah, I can’t afford that disneyland ride. If I’m still conscious, I’m walking it off and going home.

      Medicine in this country is a total scam.

  4. Lindsey says:

    I made a few phone calls to friends with cars, but no luck. They let me sit on the gurney instead of the uncomfortable bench, but I wasn’t strapped down or anything. Luckily, I have health insurance & would rather practice frugality for a few months than have a big infection on my face or something. :(

  5. S F conguero says:

    Curious, were u the only one involved in the accident?

  6. Mer says:

    Even with insurance, that will be a hell of a bill for the ambulance ride. I smashed into a car in Berkeley once (yes, I was drunk) and a bystander called the ambulance. Once they arrived, the paramedics told me I would need at least 5 stitches in my chin – but they advised me to take a cab, since basically all they were going to do was give me a ride to the ER. They said it would save me several hundred bucks, and that unless you’re unconscious or shattered, you should always just take a cab. Go USA!

  7. branabcrouch says:

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