SUV flip

Reader Chauncey G. explains:

Guerrero and some teenth…tonight at 11ish pm

hit and runner coming N/B on Guerrero smacked SUV T bone  crossing at 18th? and  blew a boatload of stuff out ; driver almost OK. heard they caught runner; small wonder musta been severe front end damage

Thanks, Chauncey.

UPDATE: Wow, check out the related posts below. So many flips in the Mission!

4 Responses to “SUV flip”

  1. jo says:

    So many fucked things tonight. WTF happened in the ladies bathroom at benders? That was a mess!! Then, a couple blocks away, more paramedics/fire trucks. Not a good scene in the mish tonight

  2. hansolo says:

    the boatload of stuff was actually PULLED out of the trunk by good samaritans trying to save the driver’s life by clearing out a path inside the car….

  3. Steve-Z says:

    It was at 19th St. Saw the lights but somehow missed the giant crash.

  4. ndc says:

    I saw it. The SUV actually pushed the flipped car a second time to get it out of his lane to run away. Total a-hole.