How ’bout a night Capp?

This Mission pickup line is a month old, but I just remembered it last night and it deserves more acclaim:

P.S. Can you work “Lapidge” into a pickup line? Show your work for full credit.

[via omgthemish]

6 Responses to “How ’bout a night Capp?”

  1. Sweet T says:

    Yo, Linda. This Treat in my Lapidge Poplar with all the females. They say it’s ’cause it’s so Harrison. Mariposa meet me later, but I Ames to dump Horace. We oughta’ Sycamore private place so we can Guerrero-mantic. Lexington down to York-rib, unless you think this Bartlett you Balmy in the ladies’ room. No? It was worth a Shotwell Albion 24th St. if you Folsom loneliness later and wanna’ get Hoff.

  2. marcos says:

    On Adair, I’d like to Sycamore of you which would send me Woodward until I Shotwell.

  3. blickblondhi says:

    rip taylor would KILL at this game.

  4. danielle says:

    um, talking to me? excelsior self, or it’ll be my mission to shotwell a capp in york folsom vannASS