Avocados for dessert

One of the best parts about living in the Mission is the avocado supply. They are plentiful, cheap, and available at all the markets that occupy almost every corner of our fair neighborhood. Have you ever met anyone who was like, “Guacamole? No way, José.” I haven’t, and if I did, I wouldn’t want to be friends with them.

Much as I love avos, I’d never thought to put them into a dessert until I met Laura Miller at a raw, vegan desserts class at Pot & Pantry on 18th & Guerrero this weekend. She is rad, she’s a babe, and she runs Sidesaddle Kitchen, whose motto is “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.” She also taught me how to turn avocados into chocolate pudding, and now I want to be her BFF (I promise I’m not trying to creep on you, Laura, despite my previous comment about how you’re a babe).

The crazy thing is that you can’t taste the avocado. Try giving it to your friends and not telling them what’s in it until after they are all like, man, this is awesome! Then you can be like, yeah, and it’s vegan and made out of avocado!

If you have a food processor, or a blender and a rubber spatula, you can make this in like 10 minutes! If you don’t have a food processor and you want one, look around at Goodwill and Craigslist. My mother-in-law got mine at a yard sale for $10 (Thanks, Sharon). It’s from like 1978 and it purrs like a kitten.

Laura’s teaching another class this weekend, and this one is about breakfast. We all want to be the kind of person who eats breakfast, right? She’ll make it totally fun and she’ll feed you. GO!

Here’s Laura’s chocolate pudding recipe. Enjoy!


2 large avocados (I used 3 small)
½ cup agave or maple syrup
½ cup cocoa powder
3 Tbsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. balsamic
½ tsp. nama shoyu (or soy sauce)
¼ tsp. salt


Blend all ingredients in a food processor. Enjoy as is, or freeze overnight for an icy snack.

7 Responses to “Avocados for dessert”

  1. En-Chu Lao says:

    Hmmmmm…..avocado ice cream has been around for at least fifty-four years.

  2. GG says:

    Avocado is also surprisingly good in a milkshake. You can’t taste it but it makes it very creamy and smooth.

  3. Mission Hater says:

    Avos? AVOS? …

  4. delicate fleur says:

    I love avocados, but have to say that this sounds like the most disgusting chocolate pudding ever.

  5. sc says:

    I was doubtful about this one, but I had 3 avocados that were about to go bad anyways. So I tried it. I followed the recipe to a T and it was wonderful! Okay not to a T, I used acacia honey instead of agave and I used raw cacao powder which I think is less bitter than cocoa. Anyways it really really good! Even the next day. Good enough to give to guests. Good enough that I may try it out on my mom and she usually hates avocados! Mine was more of a mouse than a pudding too.

  6. Jason says:

    I tried this one and it was mighty delicious, but I omitted the soy sauce as I just can’t stand the taste of it. Nevertheless, great recipe!