CONTEST: Win tickets to Rubblebucket tonight at Brick and Mortar Music Hall!

Rubblebucket are playing tonight at Brick & Mortar!

A.) Rubblebucket seems pretty fun:

B.) Brick & Mortar is definitely fun, and if you haven’t been yet, you’re missing out on having access to a legit rock club right here in your neighborhood!

So, win tickets by leaving a comment below relating your best rubble- or bucket-related anecdote. Winner will be chosen based on merit. Contest ends at 4PM today.

More show info, and ticketing, here.

2 Responses to “CONTEST: Win tickets to Rubblebucket tonight at Brick and Mortar Music Hall!”

  1. Ben says:

    Love Rubblebucket and would be thrilled to hit this show tonight.

    My best bucket related antecdote would be when I saw whack-job guitar virtuoso Buckethead perform for the first time. He wears a KFC fried chicken bucket on his head, a jason mask over his face, plays live guitar over completely pre-recorded track, and his opening act was to behead rubber chickens on stage.

  2. Joey says:

    My story involves rubble AND a bucket. A few months ago I took nyquil for the very first time in my life (i hate medicine, tastes gross). I managed to swallow it without puking from the taste and went to bed. Around 3am i woke up sweating with my heart beating out of my chest. I went to the bathroom in a dizzy haze and sat on the toilet. I had to grab a bucket from under our sink so i could rubble into it while i rubbled into the toilet. fuck nyquil.