More shitty bike thieves

On the heels of last week’s bike theft news, an anonymous reader wrote in with these photos of bike thieves caught on camera from recent thefts at 2125 Bryant (click to see them full size). These images are from about a month ago, but these thieves are still on the loose.

Here’s what you should do if you recognize them:

Please call 911 if you see them. If you have any more info you can contact Police report # 120/171/670 Officer J Lopez #373 Officer J Felix #2027 Mission Station 415-558-5400 415-601-4145 cell.

2 Responses to “More shitty bike thieves”

  1. Heather W. says:

    Misogynist celebrity photographer Terry Richardson moonlights as bike thief?

  2. tairy peeples says:

    I worked at a few hardware stores around town, and these kinds of dudes always come in right before closing looking for a way to get into their “storage unit” that they “forgot the keys to”. What turds.